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Home Thoughts from Lucy

Home is most important to us all. It is the basis of our shelter, family and comfort. Keeping our homes in good order - functional, orderly and organized has a positive impact on our lives. Sometimes it becomes necessary to expand that space to accommodate ever changing needs - to give us more room as our families grow or as we desire to update and modernize our existing structures or perhaps even downsize that space.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

When you are ready to sell your home you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible and you want to do this in the shortest amount of time.  First impressions count.  You probably only have precious minutes to peak that buyer’s interest.  If they leave your home unimpressed they probably won’t be back.  Make your home as visually attractive as possible, inside and out.  A potential buyer will already be making a judgment when driving up to your home and approaching the front door.

Don’t panic.  Usually you will just need to take a few easy, inexpensive steps to prepare your home for showing.  Of course, don’t overlook any obvious signs of neglect that will need attention, such as broken windows, doors, cabinets, tiles, etc., or basically any product or system that is inoperable.


Clean-scrub-shine every room, nook and cranny of your home, especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

De-clutter.  Too much clutter makes the house look smaller and disorganized.  Pack away all absolutely unnecessary items and try to keep countertops and vanities clutter free.  Store necessary items in baskets that can be easily hidden in a cabinet when showing the home.

Deordorize.  Cooking smells and pet odors can become so commonplace that the homeowner is not even aware of them.  But a potential buyer certainly will notice.  Have carpets and drapery cleaned, wash down walls with a bleach/water solution, or better yet, repaint and open windows whenever possible for fresh air.  Try to avoid heavily scented sprays, candles and potpourri.  A fresh coat of a neutral color paint will certainly freshen and brighten up your home.

Consider hiring the services of a professional Home Stager.

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale, inside and out, by focusing on improving a property to make it appeal to the largest number of buyers by transforming the home into a welcoming, appealing and attractive product for sale.  Staging works with curb appeal, the flow of a home, eliminating clutter, emphasizing cleanliness, editing and arranging furniture and basically de-personalizing a home to market it as a product.  A potential homebuyer wants to visualize how they might fit into the home.  Often times they cannot look beyond the homeowner’s “stuff” to see how the home might suit them.  These simple, relatively inexpensive steps can help maximize your home’s appeal and ability to sell in a timely manner and for the most profit.

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